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Originally Posted by kerkiraios00 View Post
I have HRE p43sc on order and I'm debating what size tires to go with I'm putting them on an e90.. (F) 19x9.0 ET 22 (R) 19x10.5 ET 27. I was thinking of putting on PSS and sizes F 255/35 R 285/35.. Do you guys think I'd rub? My suspension is currently stock.. I wanna try and stick with a 35 profile I don't like thin profiles. Any thoughts?
You will be fine in the rear but afaik they do not make PSS in 285/35/19 yet (last time i checked was a couple months ago). You should be able to get away with 295/35/19 at ET 28 or so. I am running a 275 PSS on 10.5" HRE ET 22 and have no rubbing at all.

However I would go 9.5 front and 10.5 rear to maintain the OEM 1" stagger and size your tires accordingly to maintain the OEM 20mm stagger. If you decide to go with a 295 rear I would recommend running an 11" wheel as the 295 looks very square on a 10.5" wheel and you need to sacrifice some offset due to this.