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Originally Posted by E92_SID View Post
This might not be a bad idea. We are not saying to stay with her, just dont divorce her. Legal separation maybe? Either way, the longer you can drag it out and refuse to sign a deal or sign divorce papers then the longer you can postpone giving her all that crap. I do however hope that you still provide everything that you daughter needs in the mean time.
Off course I will do everything I can to make sure that she gets best of what she needs.

I though about the separation. But it didn't sound too good. First I still have to pay my current home's expenses since she does not make enough money. Then I have to rent an apartment. And the worst part is knowing that she is controlling my life. Alos it would be very difficult dor me to have any type of relationship since I am still married and living in a shitty apartment.

Either way I am f***ed