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Man why get a GT500...the ///M3 offers you something NO car will/can have: This forum.

IMO the Mustang is the best American sports car out there - maybe not the FASTEST, but they do the job...however I don't see this an upgrade IMHO. I am not BMW biased nor Ford hater, but the ///M3 is just better than any Ford honestly....I haven't driven the GT500 but I drove a regular '11 Mustang, and it was pretty nice...Now I can't say the same bout the GT500 as i haven't drove one...and I really believe it's stupid to base your prefrences/buys on magazine reviews...I just don't trust them......however, i repeat: The Forum look at our BMW civil wars we got here...epic shit man

EDIT: However, if it were up to me, I'd keep it...probably first and last V8 M3.
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