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Originally Posted by rodi View Post
does it work? test it out.
battery in it? corroded? get a new battery to put it in before you go get it cleaned.
test the shutter. get some cheap film and shoot a roll, process it and see.
do this before paying $$$ for a cleaning that you may not need.

i've recovered a couple 30 yrs+ old 35mm cameras recently (one that i used to beat up as a toy when i was a child). and also a medium-format hasselblad from the 70s that had been in the same spot since 1983. none of them needed professional cleaning and shoot wonderfully. (granted only one was a type that used a battery) can't remember for sure if the AE-1 allowed mechanical use without a battery.
It's seems completely fine. It's not like it doesn't work or anything. My dad has used it regularly for the past 30 years. It's survived a trip to Sudi Arabia for Desert Storm I, Bosnia, and OIF I and is still kicking. Just worried about all the crap that might be in there that might be affecting it's performance It shoots but some pics come out grainy but for the most part, they come out good. There's a little wine stain in the view finder but other than that I think after 30 years, it's just a good idea for a little PCMS.

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