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Originally Posted by JR429 View Post
Crazy price did go down $1850 + ship at tire rack right now... Should have waited lol... Anyone know if tires got a lot cheaper in the last 12 months or did I just get ass raped? hehe

Keeping this thread on topic: The 09-11 and 12+ GTRs are pretty similar except for the LED bumper. From a powertrain perspective (computer aside) both still use the IHI RH55 turbos, the nozzle area is slightly larger on the 12+ hotside due mainly to cracking and not performance reasons, the tuning (boost) is a bit more aggressive resulting in an extra 60 or so horses. Not certain it's worth the premium to pay for a 12+, so I guess if you're looking for a used one keep that in mind - Good luck!
I think prices for tires have come down from all the competition! I'm going to try the new BFG Rival coming out this spring. It's a track/road tire that should work well at autocross! Cheap too. 1352 for a set of 4 285/35/20 square on tirerack.