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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
People usually do it to me, annoys the hell out of me, if you're going to speed take the risk like a man. Usually just go 140 till they don't try to follow anymore.
Usually just use cruise control but when I do rabbit, I usually would only go up to 90 or so depending on flow of traffic. I mean, flow of traffic in LA is like 70-80 so if I'm rabbiting someone, they must be going a bit faster than that. If they speed up too much, I just let them go. Unless they are trying to race MWAHAHAHA j/k

Originally Posted by immiketoo View Post
Once, I was driving backt to Midland Odessa from Carlsbad NM at about 95 MPH, when out of nowhere, an dark green Mustang 5.0 flew up behind me, changed lanes and cruised past. I nearly shat me drawers when I read the State Trooper sign on the white door, but the guy didn't even look at me. Moral of the story? In the middle of nowhere, nobody cares how fast you go
so the mustang flew by a state trooper going 100+? Or was the mustang a state trooper?