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Originally Posted by CO_Steve View Post
But we're not allowed to build dams or nukes and the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow.
Get creative. The wind is always blowing somewhere. Water is constantly flowing, the amount of sun in the day depends on the season and your latitude. You know... use science and common sense.

Originally Posted by CO_Steve View Post
40 years ago the end of available oil was right around the corner, especially in this country. Now we're a huge exporter with massive new supplies.
The ability to get it out of the ground faster and more efficiently does not magically make more oil in the ground. It's finite.

Originally Posted by CO_Steve View Post
It won't make sense someday but right now don't say you should buy an electric car because it's more efficient because it's not. Your Tesla is coal powered.
You are arguing against an argument that I am not making. Besides, it's not completely coal powered:

So, a Tesla is only 30% coal powered. Overall that's 64% fossil fuel driven. That's in contrast to the ICE, which is 10% fossil fuel driven.

So I'll repeat AGAIN the advantages of the EV, which is that it has an intrinsic advantage in that it will accept power from the grid, which can be sourced by any way we see fit. Hopefully in the future, it can be more skewed towards clean renewable sources than it is today. An ICE, however, only takes gasoline or diesel.
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