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Originally Posted by ssabripo View Post
.....It's fairly obvious you have no desire whatsoever to have an educated, fact-based, respectful, and amicable debate regarding these cars, in the spirit of conversation and education. Example, you keep posting 'averaged' numbers, or "non-DCT vs 6mt" (as if that's the M3's fault the 1M didn't come with it), or posting one pdf with the highest timed sheet from C&D to prove your point, and disregarded every single link and source I've posted to show your numbers are not correct.

The whole reason I even posted in this thread was to correct your "..they are identical in performance.." statement you made, which has been proven to be not quite exact.

I'll let you continue on your tangents and defensive posture, and I will humbly bow out of this conversation with you.

Enjoy your's a great car.
Dude, you are the one throwing the insults around. I am having an educated, fact based discussion. You just don't like the facts I am presenting to you. Car and Driver uses testing methods that include a roll out(like at a drag strip) and yes THEY average the results they get on all their tests. Even the ones you have linked. The .pdf link is a summary from the first dedicated M3 test done by CD, not DCT. You keep posting DCT and your GoPro times for someone shopping for a 6MT. It's not defensive if I point out that if someone wants a DCT then they wouldn't be cross-shopping with the 1M and this whole discussion is MOOT! Not if you want to split atoms over a single effin 1/10 of a second and continue to argue your point(which I don't know what that is), go ahead. To me the 1/10 of a difference is not enough to make such a big point about like you are.

Now lets continue with some more numbers that you might not like.

6MT to 6MT

1M= 5.0
M3= 5.1

1M= 6.6
M3= 7.2

1M= 5.6
M3= 6.2

*if you think the above numbers are meaningless there is no point in further discussing this with you.

But again, my point isn't that the 1M is better, it's just to point out that these cars will get you from point A to 1/4mile in the same time(+- 1/10 depending on driver skill level) but it will happen in very different ways. Your posts and your other thread seems you are the one making this more of an emotional discussion than need be.

Full article on the dedicated M3(6MT) test: