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Originally Posted by tonymac1 View Post
I listened to some sound clips of gintani race , i compared it with innotech but somehow i think that innotech sounds louder, i think it will sound better in person
It could very well be louder but if you are comparing videos for loudness that is like jerking off to a picture of a girl then telling everybody how good she is in bed. Also the Innotech isn't as popular as Gintani.

Edit: Since people want to be jackasses...I only said Innotech isn't as popluar as Gintani to state that it may be harder to get feedback thats all. Im no fanboy of either Gintani or Innotech. It's opinion that anybody who spends thousands of dollars on an exhaust should have their head examined. Meagan Racing sounds damn good for $550 shipped.

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