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Originally Posted by dogears View Post
Good stuff!

So let me see if I understand this....

I have an unlocked tune from Powerchip. I want to get my car updated at the dealer with the current NAV and iDrive stuff. This would overwrite my tune and lock the ECU. I need a tune since I have high flow cats. Rear O2s are off but CEL is operational for other faults.

I can get your kit and save my Powerchip tune for comparison purposes. If I like the Evolve tune, I can then go to the dealer and get my car updated. You will then retune my ECU unlocking it by using an older unlocked version so future flashes are really quick.

Do I have this right??

Would you guys supply me with a second tune that has the rear O2 on so I can pass inspection?? That may be the deal sealer.....

Thing is that the car is running great and at some point it is too much money considering I have a tune already..... The NAV update would be nice but not essential.
All depends on which version of software you have now.

If it's earlier than 140E then no you cannot use the Powerchip tune.

If that happens then the situation is a little sticky because you would need another tune from Powerchip which they would have to send to us for coding.

They are not going to do that and nor would we ! We would not expect them to do that either.