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Originally Posted by UNNATRAL View Post
MB has horrible top end. large motors with big displacement have massive 0-60 low end torque, no top end. the m3 is such a better engineered car in both low end response and high end power. the low end is a bit laggy, but once it gets going its gone. dont forget, MB is way more expensive, and all your paying for is low end torque. 2.2L on the M and only 40hp more. nothing impressive with the merc. and plus, it has a standard torque converter so the tranny isnt anything special. to prove the fact that the c63 has shitty top end, there are many vids of stock vs stock m3 v c63, on the highway they are neck n neck. not to say that the m3 has shitty top end, but for a 460hp engine with 6.2L of displacement vs a 4.0L with 414hp, the benz doesnt live up to what it should do on paper. IMO. M3 all the way
Wtf are you talking about that the C63 is more expensive?

The C63 well equipped was $78K and the M3 was $88K similarily equipped when I was looking.

Edit: Currently the C63 bases at $63 900 and essentially fully loaded...including Performance Pack and Premium pack it tops out at $78 990.

The M3 sedan bases at $70 300. With the same equipment the M3 is $85 200.

(All prices are for Canada in CDN dollars)

The C63 is no joke with PP and one heck of a good bang for the buck. Handling isn't up to the M3, but the sound and power is nuts.