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Originally Posted by JulieDriving
Hey, cool!

You know what's funny? I was thinking about picking up a used Mazda3 as a beater in the future. Because I hear it's the most engaging beater in that price category. I also like Mazda's emphasis on fun-to-drive. Am a big fan of the Miata.

My M also has winter tires and rims, but some days she stays in the garage. She is first car I have not wanted to potentially get 'harmed' in winter.

And when the weather's nice, it's extra special to take the M out to stretch her legs.....
It's a nice car for the money. It's FWD so it feels a lot different but I did get it to slide a bit going hard into a corner so that was fun. The suspension is nice and firm and it handles well for what it is. The interior is relatively sporty and the seats are nicely bolstered. The seats are one of the reasons I chose this car. It's light too compared to the contemporary 3 series at about 2900 lbs. Yeah, the next time I drive the M3 it's gonna feel like a beast in comparison.
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