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Originally Posted by W/// View Post
Nice addition. My M3 is far from a garage queen (bought it with 57k miles). But it's just so nice to have a car that you can park somewhere without worrying.

Which is why I bought myself a 1997 4Runner SR5 with only 157k miles for $3000. I'm about $4k into it now with all the stuff I'm replacing. Now I can take my dogs anywhere without worrying about the leather, park anywhere, not having to swerve away from potholes ect...

P.S. When I jump back in the M3, it's like falling in love all over again haha.
I test drove a lot of cars older cars with higher milage before making this decision and my concern was exactly what you described - that I could pay less for something older with higher miles and out of warranty with the risk that the car would need greater maintenance at a greater cost down the road. That's why I went with this CPO. And like you said, I can get my dogs in there without worrying, and I can get my daughter in and out of the back seat more easily. It just seemed to make sense.

Also, sweet E30 in your sig pic.
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