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Originally Posted by xxe92xx View Post
theres only 1 size and unless someone can prove me wrong it will fit 90/92/ shouldnt be different from the GT2
I was sure of this too. I was going to get Alias' (great guy and conscientious member by the way) GT system from his E90. He brought up that we needed to double check to make sure the E90 system would fit the E92. I contacted GTHaus directly and they said that the GT systems are different for the E90 and E92 and that the tips would be short. Subsequently, Alias verified this with the shop that installed his system that the tips would indeed be about 1.5" shorter if installed on an E92.

In the end, I can't prove you wrong as I don't have the systems to install on the car, but being that there is no difference in cost, I see no reason for GTHaus to state that there is a difference between them if there is not....can you?

GTHaus gave me a vague answer about the difference, but I was just trying to figure out what and why there is a difference.


Thanks. I have seen navfaz's car. Sorry I missed your car when you came down to tape with Franklin. I did get to hear Shady's car though. On the way to the shoot, there were about 7 to 8 M's (most with aftermarket exhausts), but I could only hear Shady.

I think the GT2 system might fit both cars. It is the GT system that seems to have the issue of fitment.