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dagolfpro: the $800-900 is my guesstimate for what it would cost at Sonoma/Infineon/Sears Pt. Laguna should be around $600.

radsmd: When it rains, regarding windows up/down I'm not sure who determines it, the track, the club, or a combination. In general in the past, when the rain is heavy enough, windows up have been allowed. Instructors don't want to be half soaked either!

Merked M3: Yeah, we know January isn't the best time of year weather wise, that's another reason to hesitate with this date. If we had a prime season weekend date, it would be a no brainer. But given the limited availability/likelihood of getting a weekend date during prime season, the question is do we take a weekend with poor weather probabilities, or wait for a weekday (which fewer people can make) but with good weather?

LittleBlue: We do hold west coast (multi chapter) ITS programs for new instructor training/evals, happens about every other year. Might not be as formal a process as in the Midwest, maybe we're just more laid back in California.

While there's no feedback form or formal written info given to the student, the instructor SHOULD be telling you what to work/improve on. If your instructor is really lacking in providing feedback, I'd say please mention the issue to the chief instructor, it isn't supposed to be like that.
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