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Originally Posted by Skullbussa View Post
You're going to put a supercharger on an engine that wasn't developed for it? Yeah, that sounds like a smart idea. Just wait until you see what kind of lowball offers you get for your car when the prospective buyers learn about your supercharger kit. You might as well forget about resale value.

Sell the m3 and get the newest 911 you can. Or, if you want utility and the ability to basically beat any car on the street short of a ZR1, get the GT-R.
First off, ESS, Gintani, AA all have been supercharging M3's for many years.

Secondly, ESS put their original development cars through a 50000 mile long term test which involves track driving, extreme heat and cold testing, high-speed Autobahn driving for extended periods, and normal everyday driving.

I'm sure it'e been proven that the engines can handle FI.

Lastly, the guy clearly said a 911 doesn't work for him as this will be his only car.