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Originally Posted by erio View Post
Just noticed your delivery schedule. 1 car per month for 3 months. Nice . Even, if the GTR is not on time, the Raptor will keep you entertained, esp. given that the weather will still be less favorable for the GTR. How do you like the Cayenne Turbo?

I'll probably have the GTR before the Raptor. I got word a few days ago that the Raptor is being delayed because of a backordered part. My Cayenne Turbo just got to the US. I hope it doesn't get held up too long because I'm getting tired of driving a pick up. That said, whenever I get in my wifes Cayenne S it seems like a rocket. It's probably good for me to drive a slower vehicle. I was getting too jaded about acceleration. I will update my sig to reflect deliveries.

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