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Originally Posted by Pcemkr View Post
What doesn't mean a damn thing? Lemme lay this out for you (also you're in Germany, and I'm talking about the glorious United States of America).

~313 million Americans
~111 million Americans watch the Superbowl
~202 million Americans did not watch the Superbowl
Of the ~111 million Americans who watched it:
x are male
x' are male that don't care about it
y are female
y' are female that don't care about it

~70% male/~30% female?
Rough estimates of x, x', y, and y' are as follows:
x = ~111mil*0.7 = ~77 million
y = ~111mil*0.3 = ~33 million
x' = ~77mil*0.3 = ~23 million
y' = ~33mil*0.7 = ~23 million

Rough figures, but ~40-50 million male/female viewers are watching for other reasons besides the game itself (being with friends/family, commercials, a reason to drink, etc.)
Yep... you're one of those guys/girls...

Single most watched program in American history was last years Super Bowl.. and you are arguing the point that no body cares..