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Originally Posted by King Tut View Post
I wondered how long it would take for a 135/335 owner to get in here and post their classic torque argument. Let me know when you know what a flat torque curve and a linear power band are. As to my statement about the 1/4 mile time not being mentioned on the front page. I don't care about MPH at the drag strip. Drag races aren't won on MPH. MPH is nice to brag about and show off all your uber horsepower, but 1/4 mile times and winning races are what matters. They show that your whole car is working including your suspension/tires to maximize all that power off the line. Get back out there and set some good 60 foot times and get in the 10s. Also your reaction time is never factored into your elapsed time at the drag strip. It only matters when doing bracket or heads up racing.
You make some good points, IMHO the 1/8th and 1/4 traps are more impressive, currently I believe 11.45 is the fastest documented 1/4 mile ET for the E9X M3, and I don't think it's half bad, lol. I'll get back out there ASAP!
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