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Originally Posted by bolinp78
Originally Posted by JesterEXW View Post
You are correct that their ratings are dropping, but that is across the board for all news stations. New social media outlets, blogs and internet news accesibility likely plays a larger role in this than anything else. Also, the majority of the super liberal bloggers and online sites (like Huffington Post) have had an explosion of followers. It is more likely that the liberal viewership is simply gravitating to new sources, not disapearing. It is easy to exclude important variables in order to make things fit your view, don't make that mistake. Also, let's be real...while there are liberal bias stations I think Fox is just as heavily biased....keep criticism fair and allow logic to apply to all sides.

Just to restate, I was a Huntsman supporter, I am an independent not someone here to defend Obama. I just feel it is necessary to point out flawed logic regardless of the side.
Do you have a source showing the history of the TV ratings you're talking about?
Did I say anything about tv ratings? The OP brought that up, not me. I am saying that there are variables not taken into account in his analysis of the data. He sees it this way:

CNN ratings are down = Less liberals exist now than before

That conclusion is only one of many possibilities, he jumped to it so quickly because it supports what he wants to believe.

As for the explosion in blogs, online papers, etc. there are many sources showing their increase in viewership. I did not think this was a point of contention for anyone. If you'd like I can dig up some examples though, just let me know