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Originally Posted by abitrandom View Post
So just cough up $125 because I drive an M3? I guess nowadays the Vendor is correct and not the customer? This is the most amateur response I ever heard, how about you pay it big Shot!

Buy a product thats $250 dollars, if it comes broken, keep paying deposits until you get a new one???
If you don't want to pay the deposit, send in your old one and wait for them to fix it and send it back. EASY!!!

That takes time as shipping is involved and you didn't want to wait so long.

So now you want them to send you an advanced replacement to minimize your downtime. Getting a $125 deposit for that is nothing. You're making a HUGE deal about something so small. You put that deposit on your credit card and chances are that you'll get it credited back on your card before you even have to pay it.

Lux is a trusted vendor on this forum, they're not going to run away with your money.

You on the other hand could never return the light and Lux would be stuck holding the bag unless they got your deposit.

And judging by how over the top and unreasonable you are acting right now, I think you're one of the reason's they have a $125 deposit policy in the first place.

- KJ