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Originally Posted by timber511 View Post
Finally i got chance to dr both vehes . I would say cayman R is almost the best
handing car i have ever driven. Very precise steering , amazing suspension and almost
no body rolling and no understeering. Yes it is very stiff!!! I also dr C63 , compare to
Cayman R, it is a completely diff veh . Stright line is unbelievely fast, corner is fast too.
but the interior look real cheap and the back look same as the current c seden. You don't feel the excitment and the car feels very heave which means more body rolling at corning I will keep my z435is at now and will wait see the new boster s next year. The sale told me new boster s will have a diff soft roof and will have app 360 hp.
See hammer or scalpel comment. Pretty much what you got from your decription of the two.

Scalpel for myself.. all day.

You realize the new boxster will command sticker price for quite awhile after introduction. Not for me but the Cayman R has extra power to be had with a few mods...blown warranty though.
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