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North America gathering at Yellowstone, EPIC road trip 2013

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons Epic drive and meet 2013

First item: I have gotten some flak from people on the different forms for putting this on as well as asking people to only post if they were going or at least seriously interested. I am not being paid to do this nor am I asking for money. I am doing this because I love to drive and seem to be one of the few people out in the community willing to take on such a headache. All I ask is if you are going to post on this thread, please be serious about attending. Just posting to say "say not for me" or "to far" makes the thread long and does not add value. Thank you.

Second item: There is no way I can please everyone for this event and nor am I trying to do so. I have done my best to make an event that balances the areas I felt were important.
  1. Being able to see the sights you have not seen as well as take your ride on a drive you normally would never do.
  2. Being able to drive the car in a fun manner at some points to “stretch its legs”.
  3. Make a successful event that we can have move across North America to see the sights.

Dates of the event

June 24-28 – for meet and group activities. If you include driving to base camp it would be June 22nd – June 30th possibly depending on location you are starting from.

Base camp will be West Yellowstone. There is plenty of lodging, parking and activities for a hopefully big group. I will be working on group rates at the first of the year for everyone.
  • June 24th, 2013 - Yellowstone park North loop
  • June 25th, 2013 – Yellowstone park South Loop
  • June 26th, 2013 – Beartooth Pass drive. (This will be the drive day and will make for some great roads. This will be a LONG day, as we will cover some miles)
  • June 27th, 2013 – Leave West Yellowstone and travel to Jackson WY
    - Explore Grand Tetons during the day on the way to Jackson WY
  • June 28th, 2013 – Explore Grand Tetons

In an effort to help facilitate getting people in touch with each other to arrange caravans, I have made a form that I will use to populate a Google document. I am the only one who will see this as a FYI.

What will we be doing there?

We are in the oldest national park in the world so we will be seeing the sights and doing some walking around. In addition, a few others and I are trying to arrange some group photo shots at the parks attractions. I have included one day for just pure driving for those who are interested.

What will this cost me to go?

You will be responsible for fuel, lodging, food, park fees and anything else you might want to do. The only fee that is 100% for sure is the $25 for a 7 day pass which allows you to see both Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.

If I get enough people interested, I could have some removable decals made to be placed on the side of the car to be like we are on a rally event. If you want me to look into these costs, let me know on the form above.

This sounds LAME!

I know some of you have posted you hated Yellowstone and would just do the Grand Teton or you just want to hall ass around all day seeing what your car can do. Sorry this is not the place to do that. The best explanation I can say why this is not lame is because you are going on a ROAD TRIP, which to me has always been a reason to go to places. This also is a continental wide event that hopefully will be the first of many more to come. Therefore, if you still think this is a lame idea then I wish you a safe summer in your adventures.

Currently I have four cars from Sacramento area 100% going. In addition, I know of a few in Montana that will be attending. This means we have about eight cars ranging from BMW, Audi, Ferrari and Lotus already attending.

If you wish to email me directly my email is Please make sure to let me know you are asking about Yellowstone as I organize many drives for the NorCal enthusiasts.



Here are some sample images of the visit my wife and I did in 2011 in our 2006 E90.

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