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Originally Posted by alofoque View Post
You guys are funny. You Own a sports car and bash others because they were speeding. People normally cruise 70-80 mph on i95, basicaly taking the car to red line in any gear would be enough for a cop to pull you over and give you the same tickets. Im sure you guys have done that before. If you haven't than should have bought a 328.Take it ez on the guy and answer his question.

Op, lawyer up just in case. Troopers are remorseless on speeders.
I don't disagree that we're all law abiding citizens and drive the speed limit. We all push our cars now and then and we know it's a gamble. Speeding slightly over the limit is fine like 70-80 as you stated. But when you get caught doing 98 in a 65 then I consider that excessive and dangerous.

At those speeds on public roads so many things can go wrong, including your ability to control the car or react in time to an emergency situation.

We should all practice "safe" speeding but 98 is pushing the envelope IMO. In Ontario if you get caught going 50 km/hr over the limit it's an automatic license suspension on the spot, $10k fine and they impound your car.