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Originally Posted by 1sexyfd View Post
I would say this is true for most car manufactures, but given that our warranty & scheduled maintenance is “free” the law has implied that BMW does not have to prove it given the clear statement in their warranty pamphlet and the fact that it is free of charge, which is stated in that act as well.

And it's BMW that voids the warranty, not the dealership. But that's getting too technical. The dealership gets paid every time work gets preformed on a car. If it's warranty or scheduled maintenance, BMW foots the bill instead of us. But I guess, in theory, we just paid for it up front when we bought the car.

Dealer can chose to void the warranty before it contacts BMW.

Free maintenance has nothing to do with warranty at all.

Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
As noted in several posts above the warranty is a Conditional Contract. Alterations to the engineered specifications are grounds for voiding the specific area of the warranty impacted by the alteration. The MM Act has no bearing on alterations, it is for OEM spec replacement service parts, not alterations. All BMW has to show is the vehicle's engineered specs have been altered.

BMW Warranty terms:

“Damage which results from negligence,
improper operation of the vehicle, wear and
tear or deterioration due to driving habits or
conditions, improper repair, environmental
influences, flood, accident or fire damage, road
salt corrosion, alteration, installation of
non-genuine BMW accessories, or use of
improper, poor quality or contaminated fuel”

What engineered specs exactly?? That the flow of the exhaust gases travel faster with aftermarket exhaust system? I have yet to see any dealer have one piece of equipment that can test the so called "vehicle's engineered specs have been altered".

Here is the issue and a solution as well. Its kind of a loop hole in all warranties, the good and the bad.

No manufacturer of any vehicle can force you to replace an exhaust or intake filter with parts only made by your car maker just so you can keep your warranty. Just because you dont want to pay $4,000 for new exhaust system from your dealer because you need a new one, you can buy a new one for $1,000 at a local parts store that does the same and is State legal with all State emissions. Thus no car maker for these reasons can void your warranty.

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