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Originally Posted by Bimmermaniac View Post
2.) Texas is not exactly paradise so get off your high horse there partner, or maybe layoff the moonshine. CA steeped in failure, yah ok, you keep believing that one cowboy. I would rather smash my knuckles with a 2x4 than ever live in Houston or Dallas. Maybe you should check your facts before going on some ignorant tirade, apparently your budget is just as messed up as California's. See link below and be prepared to tuck tail between legs.

Seriously are you joking, you only wish you could live here in Northern California.... get real.
So true, this state is as messed up as California, just late to realize it. I moved from Laguna Beach to Dallas last year because of a job, and while Austin is 10% better than Dallas, it's a huge margin behind LA, SF or just about any coastal town in California.

I'm excited about the F1 race, I have family in Austin and will certainly go, but it would be much more fun if it were in a big city.