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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
Cavitation/starvation as stated by myself and Kawasaki00 is due to the inability of the TWS to flow before it has reached operating temperatures given the tight clearance numbers used by the S65/S85.
1) If the oil inability to flow before it has reached operating temperature and the tight clearance design are the factors at play then does it explain the systematic very rough engine starts when the engine was not driven for the last 12 hours (summertime, not a wintertime question) ? By rough, I mean you can feel the engine slightly shaking the whole car in an irregular pattern (not quite bucking but sufficient to seem abnormal) when sitting in the driver's seat for the first 10-12 seconds of the engine idling or is that normal for a V8 ?

2) if increasing clearance solves the problem why didn't bmw start machining the crankshaft for bigger journals clearance for MY '10, '11, '12, '13 ? Is it because it would make them liable for a recall on all early MYs sold ? At least that tells us they expect the cost of all later MYs failure under warranty to cost them less than an official fix in mid production years and recalling all earlier MY's to machine the crankshafts. How far could this be from reality ?