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FluidMotorUnion "So We Made Some E9x Velocity Stacks.... "

Saw this on another site

Originally Posted by FluidMotorUnion View Post
...Then the Grim Reaper started messing around with our CAD files...

...And this came out.

Made entirely from 6061-grade aluminum, this new velocity stack set for the E9x M3 was conceived, designed, cut out and assembled in-house at Fluid MotorUnion. Our system incorporates an Aquamist water-methanol injection system, which runs from the tank in the back to a specially-designed manifold that splits up the 6mm inlet to eight 4mm direct-injection nozzles, which are placed at the ends of the arms that stretch over each individual stack. The tubing from the manifold to the nozzles, just like on the DCM3, are fed through specific channels in the arms themselves. When all’s said and done, it looks like the grim reaper’s put his special touch on this system.

You may notice a couple nozzles are missing. We’re getting them ASAP, but we didn’t want to delay this entire post (and all the picture-taking behind it) just because of a couple small nozzles. If you’ll be at Supercar Saturdays this coming week (and if not, I suggest you come see what it’s all about), we’ll be displaying the final product there, as well.

We’d like to think it turned out well. Only time will tell, however. We still have to mount the AN fittings to the catch can and finish routing that system, too. After we get the nozzles and remainder of the catch can installed, we’re going to try and get some videos of the sound, and perhaps a dyno run or two. It’s all on the way.