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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Amen to that, but few actually do it.

And drivers aiding to development, I think that's overrated nowadays IMO; it's all about aerodynamics now, and most drivers don't know squat about that. Remember RBR has Renault engines, so Renault is not lacking in that department. The wind tunnel doesn't lie. I personally think drivers' role in development is minimal at best; engineering teams are a lot more important now. If a car is slower than others at top speed, what the hell can I driver contribute to increase it??? But yes, engineering still has to match car to driver for maximum handling benefits, and that requires some driver input (telemetry provides most of the feedback, no?).
I agree about 90% there but look at MercGP.. the car was built around Jensen and Rubens' driving style which is the exact opposite of MS's. Jensen even mentioned how he prefers a little understeer and MS has always favored a car w/ 0 understeer, very sharp front end and some oversteer.
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