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Originally Posted by hevyjam View Post
Hey guys, I'm not yet an M3 owner but hopefully soon will be. I can't imagine buying new (especially here in Canada) but certainly can imagine myself in an 08 or 09 when the time comes. The savings would be too much to deny if I could find the right car. Which leads to my question stemming from the above topic. There are many good dealerships out there and probably just as many bad ones too but what about buying from across the line when our dollar is near par? I've seen a ton of 08's for $50-55k and under 20k miles! I understand the complications that could arise with warrenties, etc but if you're saving over $20,000 - that should be about 4 years of warrenty work and a few mods to boot IMO. I just want to make a purchase where I can get the best bang for the buck and if it's a big ticket item like an M there is a whole lot to consider when you look at both sides of the boarder. Any thoughts?
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Also you have to take into account, the resale value, on average US cars are worth QUITE less then canadian spec cars
(Anywhere from a couple of grand to >$10K depending on model vert,coupe,sedan).

Extended warranty programs will soon be released according to my sources in BMW Canada. Those will NOT be applicable on US imported cars, and viceversa, on US cars imported to Canada there will be no extended coverage either from BMW NA!

If the M is something you planning on keeping with you till it dies, then by all means consider it

You have to understand the $20,000 savings can only be realized after you take into account the following:
1. import fee 6.1%
2. taxes 13%
3. maintenance plans 4yrs/50K Miles + Extended Maintenance 6yrs/160KM
(not applicable on US cars, unless you haggle a US dealer every time you need a measly oil change )
4. extended warranty coverage
(As mentioned earlier, not applicable on imported US BMW's)
5. No Certified Series
(So no extended warranty and maintenance to 6yrs/160KM)
6. No lease/finance Programs
(All YOUR cash tied into a depreciating asset, but lets face it if you have the means of cutting a cheque for $55K, then whats another $20K , finance that amount through BMW Canada/Local Bank and buy canadian)
7. recall letters cost (a few 100 dollars, no biggie)
8. Canadian Dealers will not really bend over and satisfy your every concern if issues arise with your M3 (and they do from time to time!!!)
( A member has already went through this at a Toronto Dealer with his transmission, that had to be bailed out by one of us, via BMW Canada)

and most importantly RESALE value

8. Unless you plan on taking this with you to your grave, your resale on a US M3 when the time comes with no WARRANTY/Maintenance Plan will be peanuts

Hey if after taking into account all these 8 factors you are still saving money, go for it, and let me know too, maybe I'll buy a E90 4 door