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Some BMW Select calculations.. input please

Can someone help make sure my calculations are correct? I am looking at the BMW Select program from a slightly different angle than what some people here have in the past. I want to assume I keep the car for 3 years and then sell it. For the calculations I am assuming I will sell the car for exactly what I owe in the BMW Select scenario. I am comparing this to outright financing in order to see the breakdown.

I have a new M3 Sedan configured at $71,175.

At 3yrs I will have spent $35,748 using the BMW Select program. Outright financing the car I will have spent $43,776, but I would be selling the car for more than I owed and would pocket some cash. The total cost difference is $6,141 in favor of financing. However on a monthly basis the BMW Select is $223 cheaper.

Is what I came up with a valid comparison? I did not factor in taxes since I donít know how they impact the BMW Select program.