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One day the battle will ensue. I would not speed it's coming. The cost will be great in lives and in lost souls. No amount of negotiation and cooperation will stop the eventual outcome.

I would like to see a peaceful solution in the Middle East and around the globe, though how can peace be found with Ahmadinejad?

The U.S. has far too many and overly far-reaching entanglements with foreign powers. It was meant for the U.S. to be at peace with all to the extent that it is possible.

The danger is high in the Middle East and elsewhere. The solutions are much less than perfect whatever is done. We have a president whom I believe made a pledge for Israel which may have been for nothing more than political gain in debate. If his words were not merely words, then where is his action? Perhaps behind the scene he has kept that pledge (as suggested by Michael Savage). On the other hand, he may have no intention of keeping that pledge. I would rather he had not given it.

I do not propose a solution, because I don't see one. I do not discourage the effort to find a solution, because it must be tried. My advice is to prepare for tribulation, and be ready when called. I plan to meet up with Christ before the end comes, and then to return with him.
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