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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
Merc's had a pretty high top speed on the straight. only 2km less than RB, so they have found a setting on their car that fixes than.

Lets hope Merc doesn't apply their bowling ball start tactics tomorrow on Max. Max is the only one tomorrow to prevent them winning their first race, so taking him out is I think a real scenario for Merc's strategy...

My prediction on the warmup lap: HAM is going to slow down and vary his speed in an attempt to slow down the cars behind him, which is bad for the cooling system of those cars (more heat, less power on the startgrid)
•The start ?
The start is actually a 800 meters long sprint race to T1 .

•Mercedes ?
The Mercs are having a lot to lose if they take MAX out , at least if they want to score precious points in the constructors ranking .
Merc has the chance now in Mexico to beat Ferrari with both of the Mercedes drivers .
IMHO. Mercedes wont shoot in their own foot ..See them finish at the podium.

•Ferrari ?
Charlie whined the whole weekend about his upgraded (*2023) Ferrari PU ..
The Ferrari 2023 PU/Spec. isn't responding well to Charlie's right foot.
In other words : His 2023 PU has some lag in the throttle responsiveness , and that really s@cks for Charlie .
That's why Charlie's face looked like thunder and lightning after the QF .
And I'm not speaking yet , about the extreme Ferrari front tires degradation during the race.
Too bad for Ferrari , we won't see them at the Mexican podium ..

•MAX ?
MAX has nothing to lose in Mexico , he's already the 2022 World Champion ,same for his Red Bull team .
The pressure is for Mercedes and I see an ego defending fight coming up from RUS vs HAM !

•That's why I can't see who can beat MAX tomorrow ...
This means that victory '14 is coming up .

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