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Cool OFFICIAL GB: YCW Engineering Dry Carbon Driveshaft

Hey guys,

now that our Vendor account has been reinstated (yes, we were a Vendor on m3post before, contrary to what some others claim), I am proud to announce the OFFICIAL Group Buy for our YCW Engineering Carbon Driveshafts!

Test Fitment on an E92 M3:

Comparison to oem:

for those who have been following our propshaft saga since the beginning, I'm sure you are all well aware by now of the issues we've had with previous partners, and thus our decision to move on and develop a new, better product from scratch.

in collaboration with a few key partners, we have finally finished developing a new carbon propshaft that will hopefully help minimise the #1 issue that has been plaguing carbon propshaft manufacturing since the beginning, be it aftermarket or oem: bonding

what exactly is this issue I hear you ask? Put simply, till this point in development, all manufacturers (including ourselves) have had the issue of the carbon tube breaking/spinning free from the flange/yolk/cv, causing immediate loss of drivetrain power. This is not a failure in the propshaft parts themselves, but rather, the bonding/glue that holds everything together.

contrary to what some may believe to be a marketing exercise/scare tactic on my part, the reality is that this can and does happen (otherwise Nissan, MB AMG, BMW M etc wouldn't have had to recall their cars due to this issue, the most recent being the M4). A simple google search can confirm this to be true

there have been several "solutions" over the years by the manufacturers including:

- extended surface areas
- flat surface areas
- ridged surface areas
- rivets

all have failed to solve this issue.

So what is the solution proposed by YCW that has eluded the other manufacturers, and has taken us literally over 12 months of development time to come up with?

The image above shows our solution; not only do we retain our old bonding process (extended surface area with high temperature glue), we have also incorporated our new locking mechanism which physically locks the carbon tube into the connecting joint, thus reducing rotational forces (which previously fell solely on the glue), and helps minimise the chance of the tube from spinning free of the joint.

This new technology, coupled with our industry-leading flanges/yolks/cv's (these are machined in-house at our Taiwan facility. The dry carbon is imported from Toray Japan), allows me to proudly claim our product as one of the most advanced and durable carbon propshaft on the market today, alongside our ongoing oem partnership with Toyota Motorsports (TRD) and Ford Performance

Some images of our processing:

Dry Carbon Fibre Spool

Dry Carbon Fibre Weaving

Dry Carbon Fibre Weaving (closer image)

During back-to-back comparison tests, all of our competitors carbon propshafts vibrated like crazy once spinning over 5000rpm, as none of them possess the machines that we do to manufacture custom joints to within 0.02mm tolerance. Ours are also stress tested to withstand over 5500nm torque (that's over 4000lbs)

You can also view a review (with images during installation) here:

Ok, enough with the sales pitch and down to the nitty-gritty; what fitments are/will be available and how much is this going to cost you?

E9X M3 (MT & DCT) and 1M. If you have an M2/M2C, you can join a separate group buy here:

All fitments are $1499.95 + shipping

Group Buy Pricing
Originally this was tiered, but due to the number of deposits received thus far, I can confidently say the final price will be $1050 + shipping/duty/tax

Deposit is a fixed $750. The remainder $300 (plus any shipping charges) will be due when the driveshafts are ready to ship

USA (including HI, AK, PR): Shipping/duty/tax included
Canada: Shipping included. Duty/tax excluded
EU (including CH, GB and NO): Shipping included. Duty/tax excluded
Asia-Pacific (East & South East Asia, Australia, NZ): Shipping included. Duty/tax excluded
GCC: Shipping included. Duty/tax excluded
All other countries: Please enquire on shipping. Duty/tax excluded

There will not be an upper limit on number of available driveshafts. Due to our obligations to our existing Pre-Order customers, this new batch won't start production until late January. With our standard lead time around 2-3 months, and factoring in the CNY holidays in February, the best ETA that I can offer just now is around Apr/May. The deadline to place your order (i.e pay your deposit) will be mid-January. After this, the order link on our website will change back to Pre-Order status (at full MSRP). I will, of course, give advance notice in this thread when the "switch" will happen

This is usually one of the topics brought up a lot. As I'm sure you guys/gals will understand, the current global pandemic has dealt a serious blow to global logistics. Whilst we keep our flanges/yolks/CV's in large quantities, the dry carbon from Toray needs to be ordered/imported from Japan. Toray, being the #1 supplier of carbon fibre worldwide (be it automotive, marine or aero-*******, are very well known in the industry to always have production/logistical delays (our last batch was delayed for 6 weeks!). Whilst we will try to keep/organise this to an absolute minimum, I just need you to be aware of this

How to order
You can place your deposit directly from this link (please feel free to order other stuff at the same time ):

Confirmed Orders
This will be constantly updated (please check to make sure you ordered the correct fitment. Once shipped out, we will not be responsible for return shipping charges nor duty/tax payable). If you change your address, please let us know so that I can update your order in our system

#13309 - DCT
#13310 - MT & DCT
#13311 - MT
#13312 - MT
#13313 - MT
#13314 - MT
#13315 - 2 x DCT
#13316 - MT
#13317 - MT
#13318 - DCT
#13319 - MT
#13320 - MT
#13321 - MT
#13325 - DCT
#13326 - 2 x DCT
#13331 - DCT + MFactory Badge (thank you for your support!)
#13332 - MT
#13346 - MT
#13348 - MT

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask

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