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Originally Posted by douglee25 View Post
Did the job today - only needed to remove the air box, not the intake manifold like the original instructions mentioned.

With that said, the idler pulley in the middle with either the offset or centered hole, that is rather inexpensive at $25-$30. However, the two tensioner pulleys are hella expensive because they don't sell the pulley separately. I did manage to pull it apart afterwards.

Pulley Dimensions -

1. OD - 70mm
2. ID - 16.95mm
3. Width - 26mm

Dayco has two pulleys listed -

Pulley #89144 -
OD - 70mm
ID - 17mm
Width - 25mm


Pulley #89133
OD - 70mm
ID - 17mm
Width - 24.5mm

Both said they can be used for 6 rib belts. They list for ~$25 on Amazon. May be a cheap alternative than replacing the entire assembly which isn't needed.

I've been doing research as I want to replace the pulleys on the Automatic Belt Tensioner Assemblies (11287838196 and 11287838194). I have a 08-Mar prod date. From the looks of it, they are stamped from photo's I've found online with INA F-233151.06. After tracking that back, I think I found the pulley on FCP Euro. Does anyone have the specs and know if the INA part matches that of OE?

Part: INA-5320342100
BMW Part #: 11287549557, 11281440237
Current Price: $20.99
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