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Ok, here is whats going on. The details for paying for the car are complete, and it should be ready to be shipped tomorrow. Despite the dealer insinuation about finances (I blame my barrio, the mean streets of RPV), yes I qualified! I've asked Lincoln BMW to ship it to South Bay BMW and Philippe Kahn, South Bay's Internet manager, will go through the car with me when it arrives, and show me how everything works. South Bay's service dept will also check it out real closely. South Bay is my closest BMW dealer, and Philippe has been following this saga closely and volunteered to help. Phillipe and I talked today, props to him for helping set this up.

That said, I do have a pretty hefty legal bill to deal with. Scott's such a good guy, he has promised to reduce the fees but having worked so hard, he is the last person that I want to stiff. I don't care if I end up paying close to MSRP, but you got to take care of those who help you out. In this case, I wouldnt have gotten over the final hump without Scott. So, here is what Im thinking. I mentioned this before, but Lincoln BMW has promised to send the car to me with two license plate frames with the Husker cardboard inserts. I plan on using one of them. But I wanted to auction off the other license plate frame, with the Husker cardboard insert. Winner of the auction gets to
DESIGN MY CUSTOM CA LICENSE PLATE. And I will drive it around proudly, with an M3POST sticker.


What do you think? Half the proceeds goto legal, half to charity. More details on the plate will be posted as the time comes.
But Wait! There is more. Despite all thats happened with Husker, they were kind enough to place me on the dealer mailing list. Buy a car, and receive a coupon for 2 free tickets to Nebraska's Spring Football Game!! Husker was kind enough to send this yesterday. Assuming the dealership will honor their coupon commitment, I fully expect to see 2 tickets in my car when its delivered. These too, will be included in the auction.

Before anyone volunteers again, I absolutely refuse to accept any donations. If you feel compelled to, please bid on the auction (but please, no fake bids and I promise not to shill bid! BTW, I have 100% positive feedback)

So was it worth it? Judging from the overwhelming response from all my friends here at M3post and beyond, hell yes.

By the way, please refer to my very first post on this board:
Anyone ever experience anything like this on ebay?
Please feel free to chime in.
Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of you who helped out, including all the posters with great ideas, all the posters who provided advice and encouragement, and all of the rest of you who told me you were rooting for me. Props to Scott, who helped me out....I owe you big time. Let's keep this community alive. Don't stop now!

PS: When the car comes in I will announce it in advance and if some of you want to welcome it and take photos you'll be able to.

Thanks Again,

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