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Exclamation M-DKG / M-DCT Price $$$$$ -It's Official! (for U.S.)

BMW just announced that the DCT will be available in the U.S for the coupe beginning with the March production, and for the sedan beginning with the June production. The price - $2,700. Great news!

Product Planning & Strategy
BMW Dealer Bulletin
The New M3 M DKG Drivelogic Transmission (M DKG)

BMW’s commitment for developing new technology in M cars has helped make the M cars legendary. The introduction of the new M3 with its high revving 4.0 liter V8 has created a strong “buzz” among BMW M3 enthusiasts the world over. Now, even before the new M3 hits the showrooms of America, BMW announces another new technology for the M3; the M DKG Drivelogic Transmission or M DKG.

This completely new transmission takes the fast shifting of Formula 1 and the E46 M3 Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG) concept and makes it even better. This 7-speed M Dual Clutch transmission uses two transmission structures in one large housing. First, third, fifth and seventh gears are grouped in one structure while second, fourth and sixth are grouped in the other structure. When up shifting or downshifting, the system switches between the two structures so that when one gear is being disengaged, the next gear is already in position. With this design, shifts are exceedingly faster and very smooth. M DKG Drivelogic allows you to shift gears through either two paddle shifters on the steering wheel or with the center console shifter. Drivelogic offers the driver 11 shift modes, 6 in manual mode, and 5 in automatic mode so you can tailor gear use to your own driving needs.

In addition to its superior performance on the road, the M DKG Drivelogic transmission offers a range of functions for even more convenience. The Low-Speed Assistant makes parking easier, while Auto-P function activates the handbrake once the engine is turned off and the transmission automatically selects a gear with the highest traction when you restart the vehicle.

The M DKG Drivelogic transmission will be an available option on the M3 Coupe and Sedan with a retail price of $2,700. The 6-speed manual transmission will continue to be standard on the M3 Coupe and Sedan. Limited March to May production of the M DKG Drivelogic transmission will be available in the M3 Coupe only. Production of the transmission for the M3 Sedan will start in June. There are no production limitations expected for the second half of 2008. Ordering information and retail/wholesale pricing for the 2008 M3 Coupe and Sedan with M DKG Drivelogic will be available on CenterNet next week.