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The power is with the people. But what does this mean? It means you collectively have strength in numbers and can overcome any minority invading force, or government thugs, simply by your sheer numbers. Remember, the government are the people's elected officials, they are public servants. They serve YOU, the people - and not the reverse. YOU do not serve them. Simple solution to the present situation: ALL citizens of the entire country should stop working for at least four months or longer. Be prepared for hardship to get your country back. During the national strike everybody employed by the public sector corporations should NOT go to work, and I mean everybody STOPS working!!!!!!

Since the governments of the world are run by corporations you must hit them where it hurts i.e. their bottom line profits - money and taxes. When one country succeeds with this method the others will learn by example and follow. Once the citizenry wake up to the notion that they CAN and MUST take their country back from the unelected technocrats in the EU Parliament, by non compliance with the economic system, their strength in numbers will allow them to succeed with their demands for the immediate round up and repatriation of the Moorish invaders.

All railway workers, all pilots, all public transportation drivers, all taxis, all power station workers, all sanitation workers, all miners, all grocery services, all restaurants, all cafes, all teachers, all emergency services, all doctors, all dentists, etc. etc. EVERYBODY must organize together and STOP working for four months or longer. Tell your elected officials they will no longer have YOUR tax dollars to spend on giving welfare and free handouts to the invaders unless they comply with the demands of the Belgium citizens.

The invaders want money (welfare). The government wants money (taxes). STOP giving it to them. Yes, some of you may loose your jobs, but once the invaders have left, there will plenty of welfare money left over that is no longer going to the invaders, thugs, gangs, and rapists who will have been forced to leave (repatriated). However, many of you will not loose your jobs because the corporations need skilled workers to survive. The invaders are not skilled, nor are they equipped to live in a civilized society, when all they have known is a medieval way of life.

Start by communicating among yourselves that you (the true citizens) have strength in numbers and will no longer comply or consent to participate in the system. IF everybody stops working then what are the corporations going to do? Yes, the corporations will become desperate and shut down, and then they will put pressure on the government because their shareholders will be pressuring them not to go bankrupt. Moreover, all citizens should only purchase food during the national strike. The economy will start to implode - way more than it already is doing. The people will make their demands. This will only work if everybody, everybody stops working and acts as one collective body of people.

At the moment the government is acting with the CONsent of the people. Yes, it's all a CON. By this I mean you only think you elected your government. Remove your consent for them to govern you. Organize. Make your demands known. Do it peacefully. ALL of you, walk off the job and bring the country to its knees. Do I have your attention? I hope so. YOU have the power.. NOT the invaders getting free handouts of your hard earned tax dollars. Do it soon before it gets much, much worse. Sharia law is coming. Get a weapon. Food. Cash. Gold. Silver and food.

Spread the word. Your future is in your hands NOT the hands of the invaders. Challenge the system. Do not comply with the con. They want you to think you are helpless. You are not. Act together and not alone.