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Gained a little more confidence in day 2... Both because I'm relearning ViR now that it's been paved, widened, and eternally different without Oak Tree and learning the feel for the M at the track.
It's amazing how the visual cues of dark streaks on a track play such a huge role in your own muscle memory for making consistent laps. With the new pavement it's all pure solid black. No more rubber lines or shades of grey - just solid black.

The car has virtually no understeer. Unless your driving a bad line too aggressively you really need to force it to get loose in the front.

It's very different coming from a nicely modified cayman R which I still know was much better balanced and planted. The M is faster power wise and I think just as capable as the cayman once I get some better suspension and better sway bars. Power is plentiful and always available which is really nice compared to the cayman. Dct is amazing. No complaints and it's so nice rolling down through the gears under heavy breaking.

My best today was a 2:14 and I'm very sloppy. I know where I need improvement I just need more lap time. Couple vids where Harry's was working. I just got an aim solo DL so will have better vids and data next time. (Thanks Peter Krause)

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