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Originally Posted by MWM3 View Post
Just installed my spoiler using's been a few hours and I can feel it becoming more and more solid. No gaps, even up close - I'm satisfied. If anyone's curious about the tape's cure time, I found this on 3M's FAQ site:

Immediately after an application is made, about 60% of the bond strength is achieved. As the adhesive continues to wet-out the surface, you can expect the bond to be at about 75% - 80% after 24 hours. After 72 hours, 95%+ of the bond strength is achieved. The bond will continue to build with time.
+1 on 3M.

I used 3M to install the spoiler on my E36 M3 8 years ago and it's perfectly solid even after seeing 140+ many times. Do not believe the skepticism on 3M, while not permanent like BetaLink, its more than enough and do you really want to permanently mount your spoiler? What if it gets damaged, cracks, oxidizes, etc...?