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Atlantic != Atlantis

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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
No offence to the OP, but am I the only one that noticed that Atlantis is not called Atlantis Blue, it is called Atlantis Metallic. Perhaps the OP should realize that part of the confusion may have been due to this!

I do hope the OP gets properly compensated since I can imagine the dissapointment of being delivered a car that wasn't what he ordered! You would think that between his dealer, BMW NA, and BMW Individual that they should have confirmed the details of the order before the car went into production.
I totally see what you are saying there. Somewhere along the way, it was colloquially referred to as Atlantis Blue. In my defense, here was the final request emailed to the dealer (in December) for my order:

Hi <name redacted>,

2013 M3 Coupe (for Euro Delivery, followed by Performance Center Delivery)

Options (and code):
NDSW Black Novillo Extended Leather
ZCP Competition Package
ZCW Cold Weather Package
ZPP Premium Package
655 Satellite radio with 1 year subscription
6NR BMW Apps
752 Enhanced Premium Sound
5AC Automatic High Beams

Individual Options:
XE8 Piano Black Trim
Deviated Stitching (Color to be based on exterior color choice)

Individual Colors:
299 Technoviolett Metallic Violet OR
359 Mora Metallic Purple OR
399 Atlantis Metallic Green OR
Audi's Nogaro Blue that has been previously approved

Technoviolet has been denied once already, but it can't hurt to ask again since it looks like it was 2012 Model Year last time we made the last request. Nogaro blue is still on the table as it would be ever-so-rare, but I need to be SURE. Taking the bicolor interior out of the equation makes me feel better already.

I'm not going to post every communique I've had with the dealer and BMW, but the color was correctly submitted, up until the factory in Germany.

Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
OP I think you dodged a bullet by avoiding a blue interior. If you do indeed mean completely blue leather as opposed to blue accents on various parts, I think that would have looked hideous, not to mention doing actual matching blues on the interior and exterior would have made the car a one-note blueberry IMHO. I think the two-tone black and blue interior on the E39 M5 looks bad enough personally.
Yeah, I was planning an interior very similar to the E39. It would be 2-tone. Not all blue. I actually photoshopped what I wanted it to look like (keep in mind the p-chop is from an E90).

On it being expensive, I totally agree that it's crazy, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a 911 or Cayman S with these kinda options through Porsche. Not to mention that I'd be driving a Porsche (which I don't want). I had specifically considered a 997.2 GT3, but it would have been way more expensive than the Individual M3 exercise. Plus I like the M3. It's got great utility for road and track.

Originally Posted by chris s View Post
Interesting...i never knew you could order an Individual BMW using a color from another company's palette. I thought it HAD to be at least a BMW color.

Closest thing to Nogaro Blue would have been Santorini, however. Any reason why you didn't just go with that?
You can order anything as long as it's approved. There are a number of green M3s from Porsche's GT3 RS palette.

On Santorini, it's nice, but it's a standard M3 color in other parts of the world. I'd rather have Nogaro Blue if I'm going down that road.
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