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Atlantic != Atlantis

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Whoah, this turned into a heated debate!

Everyone values Individual options differently. For some people, they would rather have a discount than those options. And those people can buy from BMW's normal menu of colors and options. Liking the car is a baseline assumption here. But the excitement for me was to get the dream car, in a rare color, drive it in Germany, and on the Nurburgring. For people that don't care if their car is the wrong color, then they really need not read this entire thread. The issue at hand is really only relevant if you are someone that gets excited by the Individual program.

As to why it took 4 years: Individual color paint has to be approved before the order is placed. Individual interiors can also take an extended period of time to sort out. At the start of this process, I was interested in an E90 in Audi's Nogaro Blue. I have 2 Audi's in that color now, one painted via Audi's Exclusive program. The original dealer I started with (who shall remain nameless) caused me to miss the order deadline for the E90. I was waiting for approval on Nogaro Blue, but made it clear that I did not want to miss the order deadline for an Individual E90. One day I call the salesman and he informs me that he forgot to tell me, but that not only was Nogaro Blue denied, but that the order window has closed for Individual paint on an E90. Call me crazy, but I didn't want a stock color E90 and so I went and bought an A4 Avant in Nogaro blue for daily driving duties. As I was contemplating an E92, I stumbled across Steve Thomas BMW and contacted them about an E92 with some Individual options. There was no pressure, but we got the ball rolling on what was initially to be an M3 in Nogaro Blue, with matching blue alcantara, and blue stitching on the seats. Of the exterior color list I had requested, Nogaro blue was surprisingly APPROVED, in addition to several other colors (including Atlantis with the correct paint code). The blue alcantara interior was not approved, but they were willing to do blue leather in any way I wanted. For a VERY VERY LARGE sum of money. I decided that I wanted the two-tone blue/black leather interior, but that I had to get a leather sample before I could approve the option. It turns out BMW DE was waiting for us to order the car that way (with the $$$$$ interior), before they would provide a leather sample. And not the other way around. To be frank, I'm not paying for an option that is 50% of the base price of the car without seeing a leather sample. So I bailed on the custom color leather and decided to stick with deviated stitching. That was also frustrating because they could not provide a sample of the thread being used and I had concerns about it matching the exterior and custom color leather.

Since beginning the order process, I went from one to two nogaro blue cars and the prospect of owning 3 was starting to sound less exciting, especially since the matching interior leather was not going to happen. So of the final 3 colors I had approval to order (Nogaro, Mora, and Atlantis), I settled on Atlantis. We got the order placed and voila: 4-years passed.

To those that say you should get a sample in advance, I have seen Atlantis blue in person, I don't require a sample. But it is a fair request and I would like to see that option in the future.
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