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Originally Posted by Hyperjack View Post
when you spend 80k and BMW screws up your order, now you know what a good solution is for you.

let's let the OP figure out what's fair to him.BMW needs to make another attempt to make this right for him first before you start judging what he should settle on.
This will be my second euro delivery, so ill put it like this. The fact that you are in Europe far outweighs the color of the car and a different color of thread on the stitching. Put the finest paint and leather interior on a Prius and see if that enhances your driving experience. It's an M3.

The op has solutions, get a refund, get another car, get over it.

First world problems, by the way 80k ain't squat.

To everyone reading, let this be a reminder to ask for a paint sample, when asking for an individual color.
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