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Originally Posted by Tobbep View Post
I'm running H&R Wheel Spacers (15 & 12 F/R)

In regards to the ride, I don't like it. This has mainly to do with the fact that the suspension was not setup properly to begin with. I have been struggling with the KWs since I had them installed. I have been dealing with steering wheel shaking/vibration since day one. I'm hoping that another alignment this weekend might solve this issue.

A lot of other users have nothing but good things to say about this setup. Unfortunately for me, the drivability of the car have gone down the tubes sine the install. Maybe I'm just having bad luck.
If you took off spacers did the rebalance on the wheel and your car is shaking then its not your alignment or your wheel balance; you got a shitty install. If I were you, i'd take it to another reputable shop and have them take it out and reinstall it. You kind of answered your own question, "the suspension was not setup properly to begin with." you have sleeve overs which means the only adjustment is the collars to adjust your height. Even at that point things shouldn't shake.
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