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When I get back into town I will do my best to answer any and all questions posted.

I think I asked a pretty valid question directly to Active though:

Have you had ANY other e9x M3's equipped with your supercharger fail at this time?

ACTIVE- where does the data say that RPM was recorded after the s/c was installed? Am I missing something?

I am not trying to attack Active, I am trying to bring the truth out no matter what you all might think. I have plenty of supporting facts to everything I have said and I will do my best to post them Sunday. I will also be working with Mike to get accurate data from the DME.

And just to let you all know, my car is paid for. My engine replacement, regardless of cost is paid for now too. I have nothing to lose or really gain at this point other than exposing a big error in an aftermarket tuners ethics.

Point fingers at me, I don't really care. I know what I have said and stated is factual. I will sleep soundly tonight. Thank you.