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      08-02-2007, 08:52 AM   #1
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List of annoying statements?

"The 335i is way too expensive." - Yup, especially when it matches the performance of an 80k RS4, Cayman S, etc. for half the price.

"The 335i overheats all the time and has engine issues" - If 20 documented cases of people beating the shit out of their cars at the track counts as "all the time", sure.

"Nissan is more reliable than BMW" - Says who? Your precious JD Power? Actually JD Power ranks Nissan and BMW basically the same recently, so there goes that argument. Also JD Power, and any reliability statistic for that matter, is the biggest crock of shit statistic in the world. Anyone with half a brain would know this.

"All BMW Drivers are pricks". Okay buddy. Sure. I see more Toyota Corollas going 40mph in the left lane on the highway than I see BMW's in total. Let alone douchebag BMW's. There are douchebags to every car, and anyone that says this deserves to have their brain removed and shoved up their ass, because that's all its worth anyway.

"BMW Interiors are so ugly and cold" - Actually I think the term is simple and elegant, without a myriad of confusing buttons and useless weight-adding technology that Audi, Lexus, and Nissan love to shove in their cluttered interiors. Apparently, to these people, more buttons = better interior. MORE BUTTONS! HERE WE GO BUTTONS! BUTTONS ARE KEWL! MY CAR LOOKS LIKE A JET WITH ALL THESE BUTTONS! I CANT WAIT TO PRESS BUTTONS WHEN I GET IN MY CAR, JUST LIKE A VIDEOGAME! THIS CAR COMPANY SPENT MORE R&D ENGINEERING THEIR INTERIOR BUTTONS THAN THEY DID ON THEIR SUSPENSION!

"Car A looks better than Car B" - I love it when people state their opinions as fact. When it comes to looks everyone has their own opinions. It amazes me that people don't even realize this, and continue to bicker for hours and hours on which car looks better.

Ill think of more later but those are the main ones that are completely just stupid.

Last edited by herbz; 08-02-2007 at 09:09 AM.
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      08-02-2007, 10:41 AM   #2
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Garage List
^ +1. Have to agree on all that and more...
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      08-02-2007, 11:18 AM   #3
Now With 33% MORE Sarcasm Free!
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OooOOooh Angst...

Folks look for and NEED a reason to feel "BETTER" than the next guy. It's part of why we have freaking religion, Wars, fights, sports. Everyone wants their little pinnacle to stand on so they can flail away at everyone else who isn't on a similar pinnacle.

"My Team, Religion, house, car, wife, (pick a pathetic trophy) is better than yours, so therefore I am better, wiser, richer, whatever..."

It's a result of a culturally bankrupt society. A society fed from birth on TV, advertisements, rampant consumerism, and marketing ploys. A culture where millions worship moronic rapist athletes and scumbags as heroic though they wouldn't let them in their homes. Where Religion is worn like a feather in the cap to impress the Joneses. A culture where silicon implants and a manufactured face is more important than intellect or education...

It's sad and lame, but watch people and you'll see it every day. On the roads the Illusion of anonymity and safety behind the wheel of a car is a fantastic example. Peoples true colors come out, Shitheads believing the hype behind the wheel of their H2's the Moronic Housewife feeling empowered behind the wheel of her Suburban flipping people off, and yeah the ASSHOLES in the BMWs acting out because they believe they are entitled, or superior to the next guy in a less expensive car.

What's embarrassing is you do not see the same kind of childish small dicked posturing on even the Corvette boards, Mustang boards, RX-8 boards... You suppose it's because they remember that they are just there to have fun with their cars? That they aren't posing and playing a role?

The trouble here arises when tool sheds cannot separate their "in car fantasy life" from reality. They forget that they are NOT their fucking German Chevy, and walk around all head up ass as if they still have the protection of anonymity that they do on the road. I was appalled upon first joining E90post at the amount of childish, shallow, ignorant crap I found.

You'll find it more often with the sub 25 year olds, but it's everywhere, young and old, folks haven't figured out how to act and having a decent car makes them feel like "ballers"... Comical cause they have no idea how silly they look, in a car that in the grand scheme of things, and around the world... Is just a freaking car, not rare, exotic, or Unique. Just a freaking German Chevy... OK Maybe Buick.

Medium Pimpin at best...

I freaking love my car, it's the best car on the planet FOR ME, but it's just a damn car, and I don't give a shit what other people think about it, say about it... So why sweat it? It's just a car same basic idea as a 1975 AMC Gremlin... Inline 6 and RWD FTW!!! :rocks:

'13 TiAg over Coral, 335is | DCT | Prem | L7 | Nav/Idrive | CA | 19" "-------"

A BMW is Just a Car, it doesn't make you smart, handsome, cool, or wealthy. Get over it.
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      08-02-2007, 12:24 PM   #4
Major General
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Originally Posted by herbz View Post
"The 335i is way too expensive." - Yup, especially when it matches the performance of an 80k RS4, Cayman S, etc. for half the price.
what's really annoying is people who actually believe that the 335 is the beast of sports cars...... it doesn't match those cars for crap
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      08-02-2007, 12:33 PM   #5
My favorite sign.
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07 ///M Coupe (Premium Package) Black Saphire Ext. Imola Red Int.

Best Website EVER!
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      08-02-2007, 12:59 PM   #6
Female Car Enthusiast
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Anything the OP posts is annoying immature and stupid....

After posting to this thread: on my choices of cars that dont appeal to me. Mind you I did not directly point anyone out. So what does He do? He directly repiles this very immature response to me...

Originally Posted by herbz View Post
are you for real dude? i mean come on, that is ridiculous. the new M3, out of all BMW's, got you to like BMW's? i do like the new M3 as well, but its by far not the best looking BMW not by a long shot.

Not to mention e46 M3, 6 series from the 80's, old 8 series. z8 those pretty much all look better than the new M3 IMO. but i do drive an e30, so i do take offense to you saying my car looks like ass.

it's okay though, because i also would never be seen in a 350z/g35/pathfinder/qx4/altima/maxima/FX/murano/M35 or any other car with that same carbon copy VQ engine in it. must suck to have the same engine as everyone else dont it?
A child or what??? I think for myself and like what I like, dont want me to think for myself? tuff sh** grow some thicker skin and get used to it.

When a person takes crap off a forum personally.... Now thats really annoying

But after seeing some of his other posts to different threads:

Originally Posted by herbz View Post
good for the general public.

just because the general public likes Japboxes does that mean they are the best cars?
just because MTV is popular does that mean the music that they play is good?
just because PC's sell 100000000x more than Macs, does that mean PC's are better?
just because everyone is doing something doesn't mean shit, FYI. BMW's for life, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, Acura, Honda, and all the rest of the japs can lick my balls. there you have it.
and this... his personal font size btw..

Originally Posted by herbz View Post

He doesnt like to eat criticism but sure likes to dish it out...So right to the ignore list he went.. Its a wonder the mods dont ban this type of behavior. (but I have noted it to them)

Anywho thats my list so far

Originally Posted by ward View Post
what's really annoying is people who actually believe that the 335 is the beast of sports cars...... it doesn't match those cars for crap

Last edited by Tobizach; 08-02-2007 at 01:36 PM.
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      08-03-2007, 12:51 AM   #7
Drives: e92
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Originally Posted by cars4lyfe View Post
First of all I'll try to be as objective as possible...a 350z is a car you can really go to the track with...the 335i is NOT. Some people on this forum lead me to believe they've truly never driven the cars they criticize...Nissan and BMW are two very different companies. Get over it already...
did someone change this thread into 350z vs 335i? or nissan vs bmw?? i must've missed it...

haha. i'm just busting your balls.

anyways, +1 to ward's comment. and idk the whole story but from tobizach's post, it seems like OP has said things with which he himself is so thoroughly annoyed that he made a thread about it. lol. if it's annoying for you to hear, then you probably shouldn't say it to other ppl.
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      08-03-2007, 01:05 AM   #8
O! So Sour!!
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2008 M3  [4.75]
"335i will be better than e92 M3 with procede and exhaust"
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