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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Maybe you should read more of my posts...
And...we were NOT hated 20 years ago -- we were admired then...
As for GWB, I only hate him for lying to us and to the World.
Other than that...he's just a dumb a$$ Texan...
i do read your posts ... and thats why i say what i say... i mean someone could start a thread talking about how froot loops dont taste the way they used to ... and you would find a way to blame it on gorge w bush ............ world trade center bombing #1 (1993) was a show of affection i guess? and iran took american hostages to talk about baseball with them i guess? ........ your right im looking forward to our next payment to north korea so we wont have to worry bout nukes from them anymore ..... oh i cant wait till we can just go back to telling ourselves its ok and only take action when we need a diversion i.e. clinton impeachment..oh yeah he (saddam) had wmd's that day.....

i do hate that enter key