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Originally Posted by anelson524 View Post
Yeah after looking at them more and more it really seemed like the Seamaster was far superior. I bought a 2220.80 Seamaster this past weekend but now after eyeing this Skyfall Limited Edition or 50th Anniv. I'm thinking of returning the seamaster and selling my Breitling I got as a gift and throwing some extra $ for the Skyfall one. I just love how it looks and the bigger planet ocean sizing.
If you plan to keep the watch forever then disregard this, but if you have any intention of selling it down the road I'd certainly go with a limited edition. With luxury items like watches, pens, and even high end vehicles limited editions will usually become an investment. Just don't confuse "limited edition" vs "special edition."

Limited Edition- Only a specific number is made. Usually it will be market with a number system such as 2525/5000 made. These become dual collectibles between people that appreciate the item itself as well as people who are looking for an investment opportunity. You also know that they will never make more of that same edition.

Special Edition- These can be re-introduced to the market because they aren't necessarily numbered. It may still be a good item and a good investment, but understand that "special editions" can come and go at any point in the life cycle of the product. A somewhat relevant example would be with the Jordan shoes. The originals were worth gobs of money (and still are), but when Nike/Jordan reintroduced some of the retro models, the originals took a bit of a hit in price because the market became more flooded with similar products.