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[quote=Questforpower;10930673]And you will be able to insure it for the 5 years for the other $1800? You are creeping very close to that 70K if not going over. Nice car though; I thought about one at one point.

Same as above.

I should have stipulated US; this makes a big difference with prices around the world.

Do you think one will be reliable north of 100K miles? Direct injected, supercharged VW made vehicle?

Please tell me where you are buying one brand new under 70K?

Originally Posted by eaglesfan83 View Post
E90 M3 with 100k maintenance or S4[/QUOTE

Same as other S4 comment.

Is this the hemi one? If so you are surely not thinking about fuel efficiency.

The stipulations clearly state this is your only car.

As your primary car? You must have just hit 19 or very close...

Here you go bro