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Talking about F1. There are some rules and regulations that drivers will be engaging to.

Engine specifications

It’s a requirement that F1 engine be naturally aspirated, be a 4 -stroke interior ignition petrol run engines, have circular piston and a limit of 2 exhaust and 2 intake valves for each cylinder. The engines should be V8 and with a maximum displacement of 2.4 liters among others. The driver is also, only allowed to use a maximum of 8 engines in one season failure to which, a penalty is imposed.

Car Chassis

Most of the F1 car aspects carry size regulations. The car should be within the limits of 180 cm in width and 95 cm in height. This strictly governs the type and dimensions of the chassis to be used on the cars. The chassis must contain a “safety cell”. This includes the cockpit designed to reduce any direct impact on the cockpit. It also contains a fuel cell positioned right behind the cockpit.

Refueling of the car

The car should not be refueled once the race has begun. This means that the tank capacity must be designed to incorporate a capacity, which will sustain the racing car up to the end.

Some of the sporting guidelines are as below.


This is a paddock sectioned off the FIA where the teams are required to take their cars after the weighing during each qualifying session. Here routine maintenance is done and the cars are released the next morning for the race.


When it comes to scoring, it’s based on the distance completed by the driver. This means that it’s not a must for a drive to finish the whole race but he must

at least cover 90% of the distance. From 2010, the scoring system have been as below

For drivers, should complete at least 90% of winner’s race distance
1st place 25- points
2nd place 18 -points
3rd place 15- points
4th place 12- points
5th place 10- points
6th place 8- points
7th place 6- points
8th place 4- points
9th place 2 -points
10th place 1- point
11th place and beyond No points
These are just but a few rules and guidelines in the formula one sport. At least you have an idea now.If by any chance the race is abandoned before75% of the total distance, all the points awarded are halved. E.g. 12.5,9,7.5,6,5,4,3,2,1,0.5.